The return of cottage cheese?

Interesting article about cottage cheese in today’s New York Times:

I love cottage cheese but don’t eat it very often. I had no idea many people think it’s gross!

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That’s one of the most disappointing stories I’ve read in quite a while.

Knowing how slavisly Britons follow American trends, it means that in three years time it’ll be a revival here. And, worse, with my country’s economic future depending on a trade deal with America, in the post-Brexit situation, it’ll mean we’ll be eating your tasteless crap, instead of our own tasteless crap.

Wow, @Harters , feeling a bit cranky today? The article is about providing a better quality cottage cheese for the people. Why the grouchiness? It seems a good thing to me.

Thanks for sharing.

I like Daisy cottage cheese, no gooey gums or thickeners.


I have been on top of cottage cheese for a time now. My favorite breakfast is cottage cheese , avocado, sliced tomato, with a piece of sourdough. So much that i am trying to get the restaurants to do this where I live. My friend and I carry our own when we go have breakfast. She loves it .


I miss cottage cheese…!! Usually i’m ok with lactaid cottage cheese but it’s slightly watery and not quite the texture i want.
I’ve certainly noticed more new brands of small producer and local cottage cheese at stores, but I don’t know that it’s going to become a “thing”. Especially not compared to a good thick greek yogurt which somehow seems more flexible and with a universal appeal.
I distinctly remember one coworker years ago who literally every morning would just open and proceed to eat a (4 serving size!) container of cottage cheese. As is, nothing added. We all thought it was slightly bizarre…(might i add she was the vp of the department and it was generally frowned on to be eating breakfast in a meeting regardless of how early it was)

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I love the Friendship 4% cottage cheese, have yet to find another brand of cottage cheese I am brave enough to try. THe slimey gummy ones are gross but it sounds as though Daisy is good?
I remember as a kid Breakstones had a "“dry curd” style that is like the Friendship cottage cheese. Is the Daisy cottage cheese like this?

I love the sound of cottage cheese with avocado and sourdough. My kind of breakfast!

I didn’t know it had left.

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It’s still alive and well in my part of the world (Germany, Belgium, Netherlands). Saw it in Austria, too.

I eat it with a spoon straight out of the tub but there are many ways other people eat it.

I’ve never been a huge fan of it but I would certainly be up for trying some of these new iterations. The one dressed with creme fraiche sounds especially appealing.

No more than usual, I hope. My comments relate to my dislike of cottage cheese, as a crap food that I choose not to eat. There are other crap foods that I choose not to eat - start a thread about Andouillette de Cambrai if you’d like a fullblown harters crankiness.


Toasted English muffin, buttered. Good quality berry preserves. Cottage cheese w/slice of fresh peach. Sooooo goood.


Cottage cheese is/was the Midwest ricotta when used in Lasgna. And any other faintly Italian dishes. :slight_smile:


I haven’t had the Friendship, but I don’t think Daisy is “dry”, there’s a bit of liquid clinging to the curds.

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ShopRites small curd cottage cheese is a family favorite. If you enjoy cottage cheese with tiny curds and on the drier side like we do, it’s a winner.

The ATK/CC folks have vindicated the Midwest. They recently used cottage cheese for lasagna, after a comparative tasting against ricotta. They said cottage cheese has more flavor and a creamier texture.

I don’t know if I’d go that far. :slight_smile:
We were a Irish German Mid America kind of cooking family . The Italian Side of town over in Missouri we never went to til I was old enough to venture out of the suburbs, so no ricotta for me.

Another ATK “solution” to a problem nobody has. They are annoying. If the cottage cheese is creamier and more flavorful than the ricotta, they are using some shitty ricotta.

And of course, Sandra Lee makes her lasagna with cottage cheese. Her boyfriend’s mother is not a fan:

although I’m pretty sure the substitution of canned tomato soup (!) for a decent tomato sauce is probably the major problem.


Cottage cheese and canned tomato soup in lasagne? I just threw up in my mouth a little. :nauseated_face:


Yup- I hadn’t seen ricotta as a child. Cottage cheese is what we always used.

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