The recipe for the Turkish Rice Pudding we love from Turkish Airlines

So today I came across this recipe of the Turkish Rice Pudding and it just reminded me how much I’ve missed rice pudding.

Especially the one served in Turkish Airlines flights.
So I decided to recreate it with similar ingredients.

600ml Milk
160g sugar
30g Cornstarch
5g Riceflour
9g Vanilla sugar
69g Boiled rice

Mix the ingredients together and then put them in 250 degrees oven and wait on them for 15 min.
Bon Appetit!!


Welcome to the forum. And thanks for the recipe. I love rice pudding

We do a traditional British rice pudding which cooks at 150 for about 40 minutes and is served hot. But, more recently, we’ve also started to do a version (recipe from Nigel Slater) whihc cooks on the hob and is served cold with compote or roasted fruit

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Thanks so much for sharing! I never would have thought to bake rice pudding. I really like that idea, as making it stovetop can be a bit fussy.

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Very interesting that the recipe has two starches in addition to the rice itself - that would certainly speed it up vs the indian version I’m used to which starts with raw rice, which leeches starch into the milk it’s cooked in.

I LOVE Turkish Airlines! Mostly. The food is crazy! Didn’t have the rice pudding, though.

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