The Purple Pig-Chicago, Illinois

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I am in Chicago, and thank you @mariacarmen , and others who have mentioned The Purple Pig.

We arrived late last night, delayed by a tornado warning, and tonight was my first real meal out.

My sister had been before, and somehow had a conference overlapping a day with mine, so she met husband and I there, and shared “fatty meat” with me!

We shared the bone marrow with an herb (parsley) salad and the crispy pig ears with fried eggs and arugula…

Bone marrow

We were told “the chef recommends a smear of the marrow on the toast, a sprinkle of Maldon salt on top” , and I piled the herb salad on top. Didn’t get a picture like that. Straight into my maw! Even the bread was excellent, and I am not a big fan of bread since it often takes up too much property in my stomach how it tastes.

Offered husband some (not a fatty meat fan :face_with_hand_over_mouth:), and he said "no thank you; I have carrots coming.

They were roasted with tamarind sauce, balsamic, and pepita’s, and they were amazing. I’m going to try this at home.

Sister and I also shared pork blade steak.

Exactly what I’d hoped! Just the right amount of crispy, fatty, tender, and tasty.

Husband had a tomahawk sized pork chop, and enjoyed every bit of it. It was served with tiny, cute, roasted potatoes that he says were of the perfect texture, but did not share.

I took a picture of the menu descriptions so I could figure out and remember what was going on.

It was really noisy, but we really enjoyed it! Thanks all!


That looks delicious! I ate here about a decade ago when I last visited Chicago and really loved the food here. They were super busy, so I just sat at the bar.

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I’ve never heard of this place (unsurprising, as I only really visit mom up in the 'burbs) but this might be a good choice for a night off of familial duties that are usually why I’m there.

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