The Progress - any recent reports

Going to The Progress … haven’t been in a year and was wondering if anyone had recent reports on can’t miss dishes.

Be sure to try the daily (mini) sandwich. If the duck is available, get it!

Haven’t been in approx. 5-6 months although we have a res coming up in a week or so. The only current menu item that I can remember are the spiced beef and marrow dumplings, which were very good. I don’t think anything else was carried over since our last visit, which is nice to see. I’m looking forward to our upcoming dinner.

Hi, I ate hear last week, and was fairly happy.

First, it’s a pretty relaxed experience. It seems one could stop in and eat at the bar on the early side easily, although the week I was there was between christmas and new year so not a good example of normal times.

Second, the out-of-towners liked it very much. We’re all a little jaded ( perhaps me the most ), but it was a very pleasant evening. The idea of picking only 4 dishes rankled, but was just fine, really.

Dishes were low on salt, which some people probably like.

I had a cocktail, and it was very good. The “other cocktail” ( which was a margerita instead of something called from their menu ) didn’t go well, took about 20 minutes to arrive, and thus arrived after our first main course and was duly rejected. I’m starting to experience this more and more: you either get one of the N cocktails on the list, or who knows what is going to happen.

Food in general was good, but again, I think I’m overly jaded. We had the dumplings, which were fun, but could have used a little kick. Same with the crab soup, although you can’t kick a crab soup much without messing with the balance, and this thing had a nice subtle balance.

The line for SBP was very long… a mob on the street at 5:40…