The power of suggestion?

I am no wine expert but i do enjoy a nice bottle and have had opportunity to sample a broad range of the juice over the years. My favorite wine shop has rotating tastings often with charming vinters visiting from abroad, the shop owners spin tales, it is quite endearing. I often purchase the featured wines as they are then a known entity and some have entered my regular rotation. The wine shop in my childhood home town also has an expert staff I trust and a renowned selection. So to get to my point to what extent does atmosphere, a good story or reputation impact how you may percieve and experience a specific wine, or any food/drink reallt. Admittedly i am never quite as enthralled with state store or megastore bottles at the same price points. I cant help sometimes but feel like a fashion victim . how much do you think a great story or beatiful setting can influence a pallete?

Just he personal contact of a hand-poured tasting can definitely influence people. I work in a wine shop that has a dispensing machine (available all the time) and also does hand-poured tastings, but only a few days a week. Given the choice (on days when both are available) most people prefer the personal touch of a hand-poured tasting. I’ve had people pass up the machine completely and return on a day when we’re doing hand-poured tastings. I DO find, however, that people who are more knowledgeable seem to be more comfortable with the machine. They trust the machine and also themselves. For them it’s more about getting a taste of a wine than hearing the story of the family who made it.