The Pour House - North Wales/Montgomeryville

I had read that this restaurant opened in late September in what was the old Macaroni Grill in Airport Square. It’s the third location for this local chain, which is owned by the same folks who have the PJ Whelihan’s chain.

We decided to check it out for an early dinner yesterday. I’m not sure what I expected (PJ’s is ok mediocre pub grub), but I was pleasantly suprised. I had never been in the Macaroni Grill, but I imagine the interior was a total redo. It is one large, open space–split level–with a variety of seating options (booths, tables, high tops). Big screens everywhere. I imagine it can get loud, as all surfaces are hard, but thankfully the tables aren’t too close together. Decor is early rock photos with a ceiling display of concert posters. Soundtrack is also early rock, but not too loud.

So, on to the important stuff. The beer list is impressive. About 40 on tap and over 100 bottles. You want a Bud Light or Coors? Go to Whelihan’s. The Pour House carries independent breweries. I didn’t even look at the bottle list. I’ve been into PA beers lately, so I went with a SlyFox Oktoberfest and DC went for a Yards Porter.

The server was friendly and professional and did a very good job answering DC’s questions. I got the Pour House burger. It was delicious: very good beef, excellently cooked to medium, It was topped with a Vermont cheddar, carmelized yellow onions, raw red onion. Nice and juicy. I substituted fries for the chips that are standard. I have to say, the fries weren’t very good. DC got the fish BLT which she declared delicious: crispy breading and a lemony caper remoulade. Her only complaint was that the roll didn’t quite stand up to the remoulade. She got the standard chips side–these weren’t great either.

Overall it was a satisfying meal and I would return . . . for the beer list alone :wink:

ETA: I was also pleasantly suprised when the check arrived. Including tip it was just north of $40.

I’ve had dinner at the Pour House near Cherry Hill and was also pleasantly surprised. I thought the beer menu was great and the burger I had was very good as well. They were advertising buck a shucks for some night week night, just don’t remember which one. Overall, a good meal, and like gaffk said, very reasonably priced (including the beers!) I’d go back if I were near one.

Wednesdays are buck a shuck night at the Montgomeryville location. And it is for all oysters available not just a single type as some restaurants do. THe downside is that the shuckers are not as good as say the folks at the Oyster House, the mignonette is dreadful and the cocktail sauce is basically ketchup. They do give you horseradish and of course you can ask for tobasco. Good deal… but as the saying goes you get what you pay for. That said I would not order their oysters at their normal prices.

So we returned last night. I’m boring and ordered the Pour House burger again. Weird, this time it came with bacon. I questioned the bacon and was told it was standard (quick check of the menu . . .nope). Still a tasty burger. Fries were better this time. Washed down with a Troeg’s Pale Ale.

DC ordered a very rare tuna burger. Looked good and am told it tasted delicious. Free Will Pumpkin ale to drink.

This kitchen knows how to cook rare/med rare.

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