The pizza game is about to change.......

I just watched a segment on CNBC about this company, wow the pizza game is changing dramatically. What this video doesn’t focus on as much is the delivery van/processs. Apparently pies are going to cook in transit thus ensuring you as fresh out of the oven pizza you can get.

Personally I think the mom and pop traditionally pizza shops, oven baked, will be fine. I think Dominos et al. should be very worried. Interesting stuff.

The most interesting thing to me is when I look up Zume, its right in my backyard.

A few things that are interesting to me:

  • She said the box design will keep the pizzas from turning soggy. Is it even possible with any design? A pizza sitting on a tray in a restaurant will turn soggy in 20 minutes. Someone on Yelp confirmed sogginess.
  • given all those expensive robots, I wonder who funded them, especially this is the Silicon Valley. Looks like they closed a Series A venture capital round.
  • Obviously they are after more than just the local market after taking VC investment, so the taste of the pie now doesn’t really matter to them in the long term. Someone on Yelp said they are Neapolitan but it doesn’t look like so to me. They are more expensive than my go-to wood-fired, VPN-certified, real deal Neapolitan pie place. So I don’t think I will order one any time soon.

Food trucks with pizza ovens, but staffed by people have been in the San Francisco Bay Area for a few years. There used to be one between BART and AT&T park, Howard St?

There are vending machines selling fresh baked pizzas.

I don’t care about how hot it is, I care about how good it is. It will probably as bad or worse than the big 3 conveyor belt oven type.

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This robot pizza has no comparison to this pizza truck.

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Or just buy some frozen ones and bake it at home.

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I think the only food I’ve ever had delivered to my door is Girl Scout cookies. I guess I probably won’t be ordering from one of these trucks.

Now if they just drove down the street playing a catchy little tune, say, Turkey in the Straw, I might go out and flag them down.


Not sure this makes me want pizza…

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Robots are our friends, and if they want to make me a pizza, I’ll try it!

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I make my own.

From scratch.

Not a game changer for me

I’m thinking pizzabots are going to be big in Japan.

Looks like Dominos is leading the charge:,amp.html

Which does not surprise me since their product already tastes like it was made by a machine, and not a very skillful one at that.

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That doesn’t surprise me as much as this delivery / baking truck(s) they are utilizing. That I find to be somewhat fascinating, the pizza will be pre-made by the robots, but then they will be baked en route via the trucks pizza ovens. Electronically timed to correspond with your delivery time, thus providing you with the closest to “fresh out of the oven” delivery service available.

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