" The ONE Fusion Cuisine, Richmond Hill " - DOWNHILL ALERT!!!

A while back, after a disastrous luncheon outcome featuring poorly crafted Dim Sum, I posted a preliminary warning pertaining to their food quality slippage.

Sadly, I have to follow that up with this ’ MAJOR DOWNHILL WARNING ’ alert!

Tagging along a dinner group whose hostess insisted on going to ‘The ONE Fusion’ since one of the managers knows her name’!
I experienced one of the worst Chinese meals in a long, long time!
Every single dish was painfully bad, culminating in ’ the worst Scallop ’ dishes I have ever come across. The priced jumbo diver scallops were so dreadfully over cooked, the resulting golf ball size shrunk to that of a Quarter coin! It was so tough that one cannot even polk a pointed chopsticks into the morsel! We left one for a demonstration to our server…and hopefully the chef!
At least our effort resulted in the removal of the dish from our bill!