" The ONE Fusion Cuisine, Richmond Hill " - A Stupendous, game-changing, Cantonese feast .

Recently, I have been hearing non-stop stream of raved reviews from some of my foodie friends and relatives, pertaining to ’ The ONE’s ’ ultra-high cooking standard. Tonight’s family dinner gathering provided me with a first hand look and taste.

After enjoying the indeed outstanding and amazingly delectable, seafood-centric, Cantonese meal. The end result was such an unexpected and delightful game-changer, I have no choice but to re-write and update my personal ’ GTA Chinese Food Reference Guide ’ to reflect this major change to our current Chinese culinary landscape.

Sad but true. Based on tonight’s experience, current popular Chinese eateries and foodie favourites like O’Mei. My Wonderful Kitchen, Chi-Star, Skyview Fusion, Providential 9, Casa Victoria, Chef 88 Elite…etc, unfortunately all need to move over to make room, at the top, for this newly resurrected ’ Power House '!

The whole package of Food Quality, Value for Money, Service ( our server Winnie was professional, super friendly and beyond attentive ) Table Setting and Decor…etc is IMHO, unparalleled amongst it peers and competitors! If stealthy Michelin inspectors are indeed doing their go-around. I will not be surprised if ‘The ONE’ might get a coveted ‘Macaroons’ from them! Yes! The food was really THAT GOOD!

For our party of 9, our feast comprised of the following dishes:

  • Complimentary Soup-of-the-Day ( Water Cress, Preserved Duck
    Gizzard, Pork Shank and sun-dried dates )

  • Pan Fried Live BC Spotted Prawns in Maggi Sauce ( Excellent,
    gorgeous tasting glaze )

  • Fried/Par Oil-Poached Live wild Thai Goby Fish served with
    sweetened Premium Top Soy ( Grease-less, crispy and crunchy
    exterior, super-moist meat inside! )

  • Rose Essence, Herbed Premium Soy-Sauce marinated Free Range
    Chicken. ( May be currently, the best rendition in town. Can rub
    shoulder with some of Hong Kong’s best! )

  • Deep fried Crispy Pork Spare Ribs with minced Garlic and Chili
    Salt ( Finger licking good! )

  • Pan Fried Angus Filet Mignon with Honey, Grainy Mustard Sauce (
    Tender, nicely caramelized and coated with deliciously seasoned
    sauce )

  • Sauteed long stem Chinese Lettuce with Fermented Bean-Curd
    and Chili-Pepper ( Great Wok-Hay )

  • Braised Tofu, Clay-Pot Casserole with Shitake Mushrooms and

  • Stirred fry Flat Rice Noodles with sliced Angus Beef and Yellowing
    Chives ( aka Gone-Chau-Ngau-Ho ) - ( Nicely executed with good
    Wok-Hay and grease-less finishing )

  • Complimentary desserts of Chinese Red Bean and Tangarine Peel
    Dessert Soup ( only disappointment of the night due to lumpy
    starches used in thickening up the soup! ) Almond Cookies and
    Osmanthus jello.

Above food array paired with a great vintage year, off-dry German Riesling from a superlative Vineyard - 2015 Von Kesselstatt Scharzhofberger Kabinett and a top quality and finesse Pauillac 5th growth under Mouton-Rothschild ownership - 2005 d’Armaihac.

Overall, the food was so good and almost faultlessly prepared, I would love to provide a more detailed dish by dish description of their deliciousness and share the experience with you all. However, its past 11.00 pm and I still have a repay of yesterday’s NBA Final Game 4 to catch. So, I think I will pass, apologize and let my posted photos do the talking.


Thanks for the heads up, will have to try again soon. The last time we went to The One was during COVID and it was not good, quite bad. Maybe they hired new chef. There’s a lot of movement these days within the industry.

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OK so we went and ordered a few dishes for 4 people and it was an improvement from a year or 2 ago when we last went but not above the other restaurants Charles mentioned. It’s hard to say sometimes because restaurants can have good & bad days. They said head chef was same and on duty that day so that wasn’t the difference. It was a full house, every table filled, which is excellent for a weeknight. Pretty good overall.

I would say, of the 9 dishes we ordered, about 4 of them were excellent and way above expectations…enough to propel them further up the ranking ladder. The rest, I would admit were just ‘acceptable’ good, per their previous standard, but nothing too outstanding.
As for my above list of popular destinations, recent visits to O’Mei, My Wonderful Kitchen and Providential 9 had been ’ inconsistent '…ranging from as great as before to, Meh! and rough with an edge preparation!!
Going to have another meal at The ONE tonight. Will report back!

BTW, Will be giving ’ Starchiva ’ a try next week!

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Just came back from another dinner at ’ The ONE '.
In addition to some repetitive favourites, we had a few new dishes not covered by above post! These included their signature " Braised giant beef short ribs with red wine, Cantonese style "; Steamed live Black Goddess Grouper with julienne ginger, scallions and premium top soy " plus an amazingly priced weekend special - House special BBQ pork ( aka Char-siu ) with rice at only $4.99!! What a deal!

The beef was fork tender and flavourful. However, still ways to go to match a well cooked authentic Boeuf Bourgignon from France!
Fish was perfectly cooked…kind of reminds me of the old ’ Maple Yip '!


The Char Siu special wasn’t just for the weekend though it’s one per table. Agree it’s a great deal and the char siu was good too!

Yes, inconsistency seems to be a trait of most Chinese restaurants, including One Fusion. Starchiva is good but parking is a major problem. I’m sure you’re aware but they only have 2 spots reserved for them for the whole restaurant. That’s one of the reasons former tenant Dragon Boat said was considered when they decided to not to renew the lease. You have to park way at the back of the plaza to find unreserved parking.

Apparently one can park at the huge parking lot down below after 6.00pm?!

We asked 2 managers at Starchiva at different times and the only thing they recommended was you may (at your own risk) park at the other designated spots after 6pm if those businesses are closed for the day. Not sure what would happen if those tenants work late or on weekends.

Re the huge parking lot below, the manager we spoke with did not recommend to do so. Apparently, during the Dragon Boat days, some cars were ticketed when they parked there. So, again, park below at your own risk, if you’re feeling lucky!

The only spots that are “legal” are way at the back of the plaza where Starchiva resides. It’s OK to do that for lunch when it’s light out but in the evenings when it’s dark, not sure of safety. Overall, as I said before, the severe lack of “legal” parking in evenings is a deal breaker as far as I’m concerned. We only go there at lunch and park at the back legally.

Thanks for the info., Steve!
As a restaurant tenant with such controversial parking problem. Starchiva should approach both landlord and city to obtain detailed and correct information and posted it in the restaurant for all patrons to see!
Nothing’s worse than having a meal and worry sick if and whether a parking ticket will be part of the bill?!!

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The landlord really has no choice. No other tenants will lease there if the restaurant is taking all the parking spots. The parking lot down below is owned by another landlord and understandably they want to save spots for their own tenants’ customers. The city has nothing to do with it.

Starchiva should not post any official info or else they may become liable should any ticketing or towing take place. Agree about the worrying part. We were invited to a large gathering one evening and parked at another tenant’s designated spot because they appear to have left for the day. But you never really know or maybe they may come back to work. So we ended up staring out the window a lot throughout dinner and watching for possible tow trucks driving by!