The official NJ parm thread....chicken, veal, meatballs etc

Let’s here it folks…

What are your favorite dishes, subs, recipes and all things parm :slight_smile:

@NotJrvedivici maybe we can combine the meatball thread @VikingKaj started and do an all inclusive parm party. We also need some ron parm pics to get this going!

Nonna’s in Englishtown makes a pretty good chicken parm. Kind of pricey, but comes with broccolini and can substitute rustic mashed potatoes for pasta, which is great. Makes the meal even more heartier.

For more local, Esposito’s and La Madonna in Matawan both make excellent (and decadent) chicken parm alla vodka. But I refuse to eat at La Madonna because of how long they take and the attitude they have when you say something. You shouldn’t have to wait 90 minutes for a chicken parm (eating in-house) and then when you kindly ask if perhaps there was a problem like the ticket being lost, being told snarkily, “Well, the food is prepared fresh and the chef gets to it when he gets to it.” HAHA see ya later!

(Pictured is Esposito’s)

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More parm porn…

Brothers’ Pizza, Red Bank

Nonna’s, Englishtown


Like always, nice pics Greg! I need to try brothers parm. I always eat pizza, squid and wings there. I’m stuck in a rut there…a delicious rut :slight_smile:

That brothers park looks money. Gotta try that. I’m loving this thread.

Brothers’ parm is solid. I’m not a huge fan of their marinara sauce (a little too herby for me) but its a well-constructed sandwich. Only gripe I have is that none of their sandwiches come with fries. They are $5 extra. So that nice $9.95 chicken parm quickly becomes a $15 sandwich. At least their beer is cheap.

On an unrelated note, their special appetizers are out of this world. A few months ago, I had their stuffed mushrooms. Seafood stuffing, the mushrooms themselves floating in garlic, butter, and oil. Then last week, had artichokes francaise.

Here’s another gripe. Only Italian restaurant I know that charges for bread. $1.50.


Wow that looks delicious! I always just get the same thing everytime at brothers. I figured if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Lol. However, your pics may persuade me to venture off the beaten path.

I haven’t had one in a while, but has anyone had a fratellis chicken or veal parm? I remember they had some decent parm.

Christine’s enough said !!! (Ron does this for me special and I generally call in advance so he can prep it, so if you ask don’t be offended if he says he can’t do it on the spot) Pic recycled from the Christines thread.

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Vic’s in Bradley Beach does great veal parm.

I’m a big fan of Frankie Fed’s veal parm sub on those few occasions I can resist their sausage pizza.

Shipwreck Point, charges for additional Pop-overs. When I’m paying north of $40 for a steak, I kinda think I should be able to have more than 1 piece of “bread”. That really pisses me off.

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As long as you are bringing up subs, you know what I think is a very under appreciated parm? The shrimp parm sub, God I love those.

This is exactly what makes me anti-steakhouse in general. INSANE pricing and everything is an add-on!