The Oath in Tarrytown NY- craft beer and bar food

My husband and I used a Groupon here the other night. Not phenomenal but satisfying.

It’s nicer than I thought it would be inside-- definitely not a dive. Service was quick and friendly.

They have a respectable beer list that’s not particularly exciting but there were plenty of ones my husband hasn’t had to choose from (quite a feat).

Menu has plenty of choices that go well with beer. We shared a vegetarian Cobb salad that was made with some packaged ingredients (the shredded cheese, for one) but was still good for a bar salad. My husband’s burger sounded ridiculous on the menu but was executed well. The burger patty itself wasn’t much to crow about but with bacon and egg on a waffle topped with maple syrup it was surprisingly delicious. The waffle held up pretty well to the burger and I think it had pearl sugar in it. My Croque Madame was on two enormous pieces of challah-type bread loaded with ham, cheese, bechamel, and topped with an egg. No way I could eat that in one sitting, so it was a good value too.

The real disappointment was the fries. They feature them prominently on the menu-- they have different kinds, frites, waffle, tots, etc., with many dipping sauces-- and they came out seriously undercooked and floppy. We ended up not really eating them. Too bad as we were looking forward to them.

For bar food this is a good choice. Nothing outstanding but a solid meal and comfortable, friendly atmosphere.


Wow, I hate disappointing fries!!!

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Yeah, especially since they feature them as a specialty. Not good. All in all it was a good bar food meal.

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Probably better off at Horsefeathers!