The NJ french fry thread

I don’t think we have done this yet. Who doesn’t love fried potato? (Or Dan Quayle potatoe) :smile:

I was just getting some gas at quick chek and looked over to see a “fresh” fry sign…salt and vinegar, salt and pepper, and buffalo. So it got me thinking that we should get a fry thread going. Are these 1.99 “made to order” fries any decent? Yes I wanted to pick up some fresh fries, but it was a little late for my greek godlike body lol

I’ll start off with one of my favorites, windmill cheese fries. Let’s hear it folks. And yes we need some pics!

@bgut1 @RGR I believe you are both drew fans. Have you tried his heavy metal fries? Sadly, I haven’t tried these. I’m sure they are top notch.

Sissy’s in Atlantic Highlands has INCREDIBLE fries. The coated kind. Maybe they deep fry them twice, I don’t know. They are absolutely perfectly crunchy. Never burnt and never underdone.

This pic does not do them justice, but I’ve never taken a close-up of them. They have seasoned waffle fries too which are good. No fanfare on their menu. They are just there.


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Slightly off topic in that these are make at home fries. When I was pregnant all I wanted was fries, all day, everyday. But I also didn’t want to gain 100 lbs. I’ve been making these baked ones that I found in Cooks Illustrated and damn if they aren’t tasty. I still make them at least once a week.

Get a few good sized potatoes (I like yukon gold) cut into fry shape (Cook’s goes on an on about the exact size here but I haven’t found it matters much but just no shoestring).
3 T of cornstarch and 1/3 c of water in a bowl. Microwave for 30 sec stir, 20 sec stir, 20 sec stir. You want it to get like pudding. Coat your potatoes in this.

Spray a cookie tray with Pam and add 3 T of some neutral oil. Add your cornstarch coated potatoes. Cover with tin foil (spray the foil).

Bake in the oven @425 for 10 min. Uncover, bake another 10-12, flip, bake another 10-12. Salt, pepper and season however you like. Devour the entire tray.

I actually don’t think they are all that bad for you. Most of the oil is left on the tray at the end.


@corvette_johnny, We’ve had fries at Drew’s only once. It was back in December of 2013 when for a very brief time he was serving lunch. The cheeseburger came with fries.

The "BBB"

As you can see, they were ordinary fries. I have no idea what “heavy metal fries” might be. On the current website menu, there’s nothing about them, just a listing for “Bistro Fries.”

And, by the way, for many years Drew did not have a deep fryer. Obviously, that changed in 2013.

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Drew’s heavy metal fries are just his take on the old diner favorite ‘disco fries’, since he doesn’t like disco :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here are some instructions that I found for reheating french fries (either your own, or from a restaurant) in a broiler/toaster oven. It works like a charm & keeps them nice & crispy. Before doing this our reheated fries always came out limp & soggy.
Step 1
Place the toaster oven rack in the middle position and preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.
Step 2
Lightly spray a shallow baking dish with cooking spray, or cut a piece of parchment paper to fit in the bottom of the dish.
Step 3
Spread the French fries out in a single layer in the baking dish.
Step 4
Put the fries in the preheated oven and bake them for two to three minutes, or until they start to brown. Put on an oven mitt and remove the dish from the oven. Flip the fries over with a spatula and put the tray back into the oven for another two to three minutes, or until the fries start to brown on the other side.

Thanks for the explanation, Eli! But having no idea what disco fries are, I Googled. Ah, fries covered with cheese sauce and chicken gravy. And it seems they’re a Jersey specialty. Have you had them at Drew’s?

I can care less about those fries, look at that turkey club!! Love me some turkey club!! I had to google where Sissy’s was, it’s below Off The Deck correct?

Let the haters hate, but here are about my favorite fries:



No Roz. I haven’t tried Drew’s disco fries yet. He occasionally has them as a special, but I like my fries nice & crispy, and the gravy would make them soggy.

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Yes, right below Sissy’s. A most underrated restaurant. It gets lost with all the higher-end dining establishments in the area. I basically describe it as a diner with a water view. But the prices are diner prices. Not exorbitant by any means.


Sorry but I’ve never had them. My standard is a fresh from the fryer and well done fry from Five Guys.

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Menlo Park Diner in Edison isn’t a bad spot for your late night Disco Fries cravings. They are open 24 hours. I can’t say the food is anything to write home about but they do deliver on Jersey’s classic. Below is what happens when you can’t decide on American or Mozzarella and they accommodate your indecisiveness.


Wow…funny you would bring that place up. I grew up in Edison and still have business interest there, I went into the Menlo Park Dinner about two weeks ago for the first time since high school, the place hadn’t changed a bit. The Parsonage Diner (no long gone was on the corner of 27 and Parsonage Rd, current home to Rite Aid) was the Edison premier diner when I was growing up, The Menlo Park though is still there and still thriving so there is certainly something to be said about that.

They are certainly thriving. That location is a gold mine of a spot.

Years ago, before they built that overpass / entrance to the Menlo Park Mall there used to be a small Italian Hot Dog “hut” on north bound 1. The place was there for probably 50 years and made the BEST Italian hot dogs.


But not as great as they once were when they were fried in artery clogging meat fat.

Honestly, this is why duck fat fries are so good too.

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Now, for fries my nod goes to the best wing spot in NJ, Jack’s.

There are four different kinds of fries on the menu, plus tots and onion rings. You can get waffle, curly, sweet potato or regular. You can add cheese to any of the above as well. Nothing beats a dozen hot garlic wings with a side of curly fries dipped in their bbq sauce.

Dave, any good duck fat fries around here?

Jr you’re right, mcd fries have been and probably always will be the best out there.

Another honorable menation are the garlic parmesan fries at salt creek. That’s probably the best thing they are putting out, and their bread.

My auto correct is so messed up on this phone that I can’t even describe it. Look at how it spells mention lol

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Well done Windmill cheese fries for the win!!!