The New Yorker visits the Berkeley (CA) Famers Market . . .

From The New Yorker, writer David Darlington takes on the challenge that can be Riverdog Farms: The Agony and the Eggstacy

Thanks for sharing. I love that article- I used to be one of those chasing eggs.

The horror of standing in sixty degree California weather for eggs!

"Obviously, some malfeasance had occurred, such as people saving places for friends who strolled around browsing broccoli rabe or tossing bills to buskers while the rest of us had to keep standing stock-still in sixty-degree weather. "

I have not had Riverdog eggs before, though while $8 is more than non-organic or non-free range eggs, $8/ dozen is cheaper than other organic, pastured eggs sold in other markets around NorCal, especially if their eggs are as transcendent as noted.

Where I live I have the benefit of having great quality eggs in grocery stores. The chase for eggs in the winter got old pretty quickly. One winter I asked the farmer every week whether he had eggs and the answer was no almost all the time (unless I was there before the market opened) or when its yes the eggs were rationed. The last straw was- one day, I showed up 30 minutes before the market was open. The stall was still being set up. I asked about the eggs and was told to come back after they were done setting up. I came back again, same thing. I came back a third time, the eggs were gone. I was mad. So yes I understand the ‘egg-rage’.

I have been buying them when available for years. I do buy other producers eggs also. It is really annoying to be in back of three people, all of whom are asking “but I hear they are really good, are they really good?” and then “what do they taste like?”

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Which producers do you like? Store-bought I like Stueve, Alexandre is good but come up behind Stueve.

I buy from Eatwell, Rolling Oaks, Little Organic, Lonely Mountain and various other farmers that have eggs occasionally at farmer’s markets. I don’t buy much at stores.