The "new normal" dining out in metro Detroit

And very soon, the hand guns will appear.

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Mighty touchy subject. Good luck with this one.

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Mask wearing when you’re not seated is such a simple and straightforward protection. I hope the UK includes it in the regulations when restaurants are permitted to open (probably early next month).

But some people are just stupid, ignorant fuckwits. There are several thousand in my metro area who attended two “raves” a few days ago. Unbelievable.


Saw this on the news today. Ain’t that something.

That brought a smile. Jobbie Nooner has been an “institution” on Lake St Clair for decades. Its always attracted the brainless. Obviously, there are more then a few of them in my community and all of SE Michigan.

Two weeks from now, there will be a spike in the CoronaVirus numbers here. :pensive:

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