The most popular delivery orders in NYC this year

California Burrito? Gawd,. I don’t know what that means in Brooklyn, but in California it’s a burrito with french fries inside – an abomination unto the lard.

It’s a mission burrito - beans, cheese, guac, salsa, meat.

Exactly. For like, $9 easy. I think a lot of the appeal is that it’s a guaranteed crapton of food. (Burritos really aren’t my thing but i understand the appeal)
The Avocado toast as a restaurant dish phenomenon baffles me to no end, but as delivery really is beyond- even the most non-cook ever can figure out how to make toast and squash some avocado on it!

A Mission burrito must also have rice in it. Otherwise it’s just a burrito. But I understand the intent; a burrito in California is not the same as a burrito in Mexico. Maybe “California-style burrito” is a better phrase.

In California, a “California burrito” denotes a burrito that has fries in it, and is beloved only in San Diego.

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Yes, also rice, forgot to mention that. As far as I know, you can’t get a burrito with fries in it here, but you can get a falafel with fries in it. If you want one. (You don’t.)

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While I am a big fan of the Mission burrito, I also like Señor Sisig’s Filipino/Mexican fusion California burrito (with fries) here in SF.

I wonder if Seamless uses the Alameda-Weehawken Burrito Tunnel for delivery:

OK, that makes it a Mission Burrito.

I blame the Peruvians for starting the “put fries in it” meme when they put fries in a Chinese stir-fry and called it “Lomo Saltado.” But then, they had all those potatoes on hand…

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