The most delicious chocolate cake you have ever made!

My love of all things (dark) chocolate is an altogether different kind of woship. I admit I am hard to please. There has to be deep flavor, moisture a fork clings to and just sweet enough to make my self imposed limitations on sugar well worth the splurge. A chocolate cake thats epic.

Care to share your family recipe or adaptation. Does your version include coffee? Frosting? One, two or three layers? Do you source special chocolate specifically for cakes?

Share a piece😊
Thanks, Rooster


This blogger has my favorite cake written out so I clipped it to save time. Its moist, decadent and even better a day or two later. I never recommend refrig a chocolate cake so save this for cooler climate days.


For me, usually no coffee. Coffee in chocolate doesn’t enhance the chocolate flavor. Rather, it tastes like chocolate and coffee (which I can enjoy, too.) I’m no longer crazy about moistness. I think even if you perfectly cook a cake, it’s not dry, but people aren’t used to the texture these days, so they consider it dry. Especially if you use chocolate instead of cocoa powder, the texture can be unfamiliar.

My favorite is from an old classic: RLB’s Cake Bible. The frosting is made with egg whites and the recipe is also in the same book.


The chocolate sheet cake with cream cheese frostingat Trader Joe’s is pretty good! :grin: tons of frosting. I rarely bake.

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Elizabeth David’s Chocolate Cake

225 g / 8 oz bitter chocolate (72%)
225 g / 8 oz sugar
4 tbsp flour
6 eggs
170 g / 6 oz butter

Butter a 5” x 9” loaf pan.

Melt the chocolate. Mix it with the softened butter, flour, sugar, and beaten egg yolks. Fold in the stiffly beaten egg whites.

Bake at 180 °C / 350 °F for 45 minutes. NB. A pin inserted will come out looking too moist. This is correct. After the cake is removed from the oven, it will fall. This is also correct.

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Thanks for sharing the recipe. Short ingredient lists usually sway my willingness to try something new.

I have read the use of coffee in chocolate debated many times. But to my way of thinking, mocha cake, which is delicious when done well, is completely diff.

Let us know how it turns out. Sometimes it seems better after resting overnight.

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I think an overnight sit works well on many baked goods…waiting is hard though👍

Well, you can sample on baking day, wrap in tin foil, and feast the next day!

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What are your feelings about Sachertorte?

I think my birthday is a month away and I should celebrate with a Sachertorte…with friends who believe in sharing😁

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Chocolate ganache cake is my favorite. Amazon cake recipe for layers and dark chocolate ganache in between the layers and all around. Cake gets moister after a day, which is perfect.

Here’s a recipe for the cake - increase the cocoa if you like it dark (I do), and a pinch of instant coffee (I use decaf):


I am not a practicing vegan but I haven’t had a lousy vegan meal. I enjoy raw food and eat a 80/20 diet anyway…If it tastes great and doesn’t harm me, no judgement.

Thanks for the link.

Devils food cake cockaigne from the joy of cooking.
Not quick or simple but very very good. I used to frost with a cooked flour frosting until I made the milk chocolate ganache from serious eats - that’s become my fav frosting for chocolate cakes.

Do you have the cooked flour frosting handy? I have never made it. Curious.

Hope the photo works, easier than typing.


:+1:perfect, thxs

I’m not vegan either, but this is my go-to base cake now. It’s also nice as a simple tea cake made in a loaf pan (I’ve done 1/2 and 1/4 recipe frequently). Taste the batter - I usually need to adjust the sugar up if it’s going to be eaten plain (for layers it’s perfect as is, as the ganache/icing/frosting will be sweet).

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