The Loss of Sausage King - Toronto

Everyone may not agree, but I very much loved the products of Sausage King, especially their Toulouse and their Chorizo. Now that they have closed, who would you recommend to take their place in my heart and stomach?


I am happy with the sausages at Sanagan’s Meatlocker.

For Italian sausages, I’m happy with the sausages at Fiesta Farms and at Maselli’s.

Vince Gasparro’s sausages look good. I keep walking by but haven’t purchased any yet.


Cross the aisle at SLM to Carnicero’s. They have some pretty decent sausages including the hard-to-find raw andouille.


Thanks for the suggestions. Will try them out!!!

If you’re at SLM, cross the Esplanade and try El Gaucho in the tent at SLM. I particularly like their weisswurst, and my wife is addicted to their potato salad, but you have to get there early for the latter. We usually get there around noon Saturday, and find the salad is all sold out.


I used to go to Gaucho all the time. Havent been there in years. Glad to hear it’s still good. Will try again:)

I bought some Toulouse sausages at Sanagan’s yesterday, probably inspired by your query.

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