The Lion's Tail South End Ink Blot Boston

Went to The Lion’s Tail in the Ink Blot section of the South End last evening for the first time after seeing a play. The craft cocktails were top notch. We had a few each from the menu (including an excellent Lion’s Tail - well it better be, and an Old Cuban). They also made me a very good Sazerac (off menu) at the end of the evening. We couldn’t pass up the deal on the bites and shares part of the menu, as everything was half off until 8 pm (it was a 4PM show, we arrived at about 5:30).

We had excellent blistered shishito peppers almondine (I’m a sucker for these and always order them if available), the corn and cheddar fritters with tarragon cream and Vermont maple syrup (our least favorite, the maple and the sweet corn just made everything a bit too sweet), the Fried chicken thigh sliders (excellent, the best part of the meal), the Mac and Cheese arancini (pretty good - not sure I’d order them again), and the street empanadas (5 very small empandas, with not enough braised short rib and potato puree filling, but an excellent dipping sauce). Not sure I loved the food enough to go back soley for that, but the cocktails really were excellent. All cocktails were $13, and with the half off special, all the food came to $24.50.

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr