The Last Word on Gyros

So, doing research for the new place, we’ve been all over trying gyros to see who has the best. & we found a place that has the best gyros. Not right next door for most of you but this place is the best. Gyro King & Grill, Franklin Park, NJ.

The Gyros are huge, delicious & cheap ($7.00).

Here’s the link:

I’m just popping in for a quickie here. no computer at the moment but I’m at Staples using their computer printing labels. More later.


Did that replace Pie Five?

$ 18.99 for lamb chops with side and salad is a bargain! Wish they were closer to home!

Since I"m commenting on this thread, what makes a good gyro for everyone? For me obviously the quality of the meat, fresh indrediants but most of all it’s the tzatziki sauce. Give me a gyro with sriracha tzatiki sauce and I’m a very happy camper!


I’ve had a few what would have been very good gyro’s ruined by the pita a place uses. Either poor quality or not fresh or both. The best places heat the pita up on the grill in a little lamb fat before adding the ingredients. The ingredients should also be well distributed. Not a ball of onions at just one end or all the tzatziki on the top and none in the middle or bottom.


You had me at lamb fat, Jeff. :heart_eyes:

I also agree about the distribution of the ingredients…if it’s assembled correctly, I should get some of everything in one bite! I also like a LITTLE bit of meat with crispy edges in the mix.