The Koji Club - anyone been yet?

Just caught up with this blurb on

Has anyone been yet? Is it worth the hype for me to Uber or Lyft to Brighton from Waltham? Thanks!


It appears to be almost entirely a sake bar, with only a limited food menu, so I don’t know how it qualifies as a restaurant, let alone one of the best in the world.

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That’s why I am asking whether anyone’s been and if it is worth this hype! One of the menu items is bento boxes from Cafe Sushi, so, not even their own food! Although I am curious about the pairing of miso and cream cheese on a saltine… :thinking:

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And that too only on Thursdays.

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I went a year ago and had a great time drinking 3 or 4 different sakes with a friend. She had a sampler plate of sorts, which was cheese, crackers, dried fruit, etc.


It does seem a great place to sample sake.

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I got excited too, and then realized it’s definitely more about sake then food. I don’t drink, so not worth the trip for me. Hate when they get my hopes up like that.

Now if they get even a smallish menu featuring same or koji used in the food, then I’d be game.