The Kitchen [Milbrae]

Huh, I don’t think I’ve ever really made a topic on The Kitchen (if uh… someone actually did, please merge haha… ha…) but I decided to drop down their with my folks for lunch. Unfortunately, the kitchen is still on the abbreviated pandemic menu so unfortunately, not everything is available compared to before.

Started off our meal with some nice crispy baked bbq pork buns. These were really good, nice and crispy exterior with sweet and savory bbq pork in the middle.

Got some lotus wrapped sticky rice.

Some pan fried shrimp chive dumplings (uh… ate some before the picture as well…)


I have been there a few times. Sometime Dim Sum, and sometime dinner. It usually pretty busy at night time. I think the quality of their Dim Sum is good. If I remember correctly, the one which impressed me the most was their coconut yellow peas pudding (椰汁馬豆糕) just because not many places offer it. I was so happy when I saw that they offers it. Thanks for your review.

I think it is this one: Coconut Milk Yellow Bean Cake (Small)