The kiosks of Whitechapel

Possibly of interest to people here: the Gentle Author has written a piece on the kiosks of Whitechapel, including sweet and snack places.


Fascinating stuff, Kake.

Such an interesting area. We keep promising ourselves that we’ll focus on the area on the “next trip” to London but something always seems to overtake it.

It’s definitely worth a look. On the subject of small and easily-overlooked places, I’m keen to try the pani puri just along from Kingsbury Station showcased in this YouTube video.

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I lived in this area for around 4 years and hate to say I never visited any of these stalls, despite passing them many times. I’m apparently far more adventurous when I’m abroad than I am on my own doorstop.

Gentrification has arrived in Whitechapel over the last few years, but hopefully the highstreet alterations coming with the Crossrail station don’t impact on these traders too much. The glossy artist impressions I saw when they first started work didn’t appear to incorporate the current vibe.

harters, you must spend much more time around spitalfields and whitechapel next time. i could go there thousands of times and not be bored with it. in fact, i do go thousands of times. :heart_eyes:

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