The Julia Child Challenge show

We watched the first one last night, and I’m curious what others think. I grew up watching and loving her show, but I never made any of her dishes - too complicated for the level of knowledge and skill that I had then. The show made me really uncomfortable because of the whole Food Network competition aspect. I think it’s a shame, and I’m really surprised that the official JC group okayed this. I certainly won’t be watching anymore, but I blame myself. What did I expect?!

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I watched it , and didn’t have an impression that stuck, but I’m pretty desperate. I’ve also been watching “Tournament of Champions” that purports* to be about the “best chefs in the world”, and “Alex vs America”. Eric Ripert was judging Tournament of Champions. Why?

  • I used purports in a sentence!

I wasn’t aware of the show but your reaction is enough for me. I have seen the HBO Max trailer for a new Julia Child film and it looks interesting.

I watched it too. the relationship to her seems a bit thin. Also, I think there looked to be too wide a disparity in cooking skills for it to be a real competition. One and out for me.

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I saw the HBO trailer too. I think that the actress got the voice completely wrong. Since Julia Childs’ voice was so distinctive and such a part of who she was, I’m mystified that the filmmakers would allow that mistake. Here’s the trailer:

Compare that with Meryl Streep in Julie and Julia:

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I agree, point well taken. Two very different actresses. I’ll still watch the film when it’s available.

Eta: I remember this review very clearly.

I watched the show and was very disappointed in that Julia was hardly there, the chefs didn’t even try to emulate her cooking methods, and far too much emphasis was placed on the personal lives of the participants. I have the impression that dear Julia is being used as bait, which is despicable.
One show was enough for me.

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