The Irish Cottage, Methuen MA

My son and I headed over to the new Irish Cottage restaurant in Methuen for dinner. Its been around for quite a while in a cramped shared store front in a strip mall.
They recently opened a brand new building across the street and its a huge improvement. At least double the parking if not more, outside seating and probably 2-3 as much seating overall between 2 bars and tables. The decor is exactly the same as the original. As is the menu. Several Irish favorites and pub comfort food. Plus they do a full breakfast 7 days a week including a traditional Irish breakfast with black and white pudding, beans and brown bread.
We had Jamaican jerk wings, bone-in Delmonico steak with fries and asparagus and steak tips, mash and asparagus. The beef was cooked perfectly medium rare for both plates, the potatoes were real, a little light on the seasoning but pretty good none the less. The fries were really crispy outside and very soft inside.
And there was Harp on draft.
As good as we remembered it.


Nice report. I have a weakness for Irish brown bread. Have you ever had theirs?

Thanks. I am not a brown bread fan but my husband is and likes it.
We have not been for breakfast lately, so not sure if its changed at all.

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