The Inn at Pound Ridge Revisited - Pound Ridge, NY

We went to the Inn during the first few months it was opened and I was underwhelmed. The place is gorgeous, but there was just something lacking – and that has nothing to do with the many kinks that had to be worked out. So when DH decided he really wanted to go last night, even though the only reservation we could get was 5:30, I hesitantly gave in.
We were seated upstairs this time and greeted by a server whose smile was amazing and genuine. She truly seemed to enjoy her job. DH had a margarita and I had a glass of Chardonnay and the pour was more than generous. I hate skimpy pours! As we studied our menus, we munched on some crusty country bread. The olive oil that was poured was Tuscan and had quite a kick!
DH started with the Fois Gras Brulee. Quite a nice sized piece of foie with dried sour cherries, candied pistachios on a white port gelee. I did not have an appetizer since I had also been to the HOdown lunch! For our main courses, my husband opted for the Prosciutto wrapped Berkshire pork chop served with mushrooms in a white wine sauce. The mixed wild mushrooms were so tender and flavorful – cooked in wine. The pork chop was delicious as well, but thought a tad overcooked. We disagreed on that. I ended up with a black truffle and fontina pizza – what can I say, I’m a sucker for pizza, truffles and fontina cheese. It was amazing and I could not stop eating it. We ended the evening with expresso and a decision that we will go back!!!


Thanks for the update, Gwenn. Glad they are still doing the job. We ate really well there last year. We are also planning to go back this spring…

Sounds great! What are the price points on the dinner entrees? I wish it weren’t so far from us. Can’t see us going for dinner unless it’s super early like when you went.

It’s not that far from you, really. It was a little on the expensive side, for sure. Not looking at the menu at the moment, so I don’t recall exactly.

And we went back. And it was better last time. This time we sat downstairs and it is beautiful down there, but dark! Amazing what a server can do to a meal - make it or break it. He was ok, but no where near as good or attentive as the woman we had last time. When we sat he got us water right away, left us with the drinks menu and went to chat with the other servers. We had to call him to order our drinks. There was no foie last night so DH had tuna tartare and it was delicious and then opted for the lamb chops - also very good. I did the pizza with fontina and truffle again because I have been dreaming about it. It was good too. But the experience was not as good. Also, when we got there (early reservation again) we were made to wait as the dining room wasn’t ready - what? Really? Why not? And last night the price annoyed me too. In addition to the food DH had a glass of wine, a margarita and an espresso and I had two glasses of wine. $169 before tip. I think I’m over it now!!

On a side note, it amazes me how differently people come dressed. At a table near us there was an older couple, business casual with a younger couple, she in torn jeans (and not the designer kind, just old and torn) and he in worn out jeans too. They came with a baby and they were very good about taking him outside when he fussed. It also amazed me how many people showed up at such an expensive place with a couple of kids in tow. Just had to put that out there!!

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I too am amazed at how people are dressed in expensive restaurants. High end restaurants used to have a dress code. I am extremely uncomfortable when a man or a boy is sitting at a table, eating, with a hat on. Especially a baseball cap. Pet peeve of mine.

As for kids, well, I fall in between. I have kids. Well behaved, and know how to hold a knife and fork from very young.
Long meals don’t appeal to them, but good food does.
And kid friendly restaurants don’t serve food fit for human consumption.

The Inn at Pound Ridge has been on my list for too long. I need to get me there ASAP! With, or without the kids… :slight_smile:


That’s a schlep for you. I hope you enjoy it!

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Re: Kids at Upscale Restaurants

Three of us had lunch at Lincoln this past Wednesday. When a family of 6 with an infant and toddler showed up next to us, we expected the worst.

To our surprise, the kids were virtually silent. We actually forgot about them until the mom carried the baby to the windows. The only time we heard a peep was when the family was leaving. As all 3 of us are parents, we were really surprised and impressed.

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I was impress last night as well. This was a very young child - toddler who was fussy and the parents were very responsive and just kept taking him out on the patio.

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It’s great to see attentive, conscientious parenting.