The Hoagie. What and where?

For me it’s the Hoagie Triange: Ricci’s - Chick’s - Cosmi’s. All are within 4 blocks of each other. All are typical old-school deli’s. No franchises.

IF I had to pick, I guess it would be Cosmi’s. The addition of some mortadella, being the secret ingredient.

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Good choices. I need good rolls (none of those Amoroso things)…some genoa salami, hot gabbagool, sharp provolone, ham, hot pepper and sweet pepper.

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Yes! Amoroso’s is a scourge. I am perpetually baffled by people who refer to it as the gold standard of hoagie rolls.

In fact that may worthy of a separate thread.

There is plenty of mediocrity that is beloved because of advertising or a bad palate or both.

McDonald’s or Five Guys come to mind.

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Ah, a South Philly boy I see?

I don’t really have a go-to in the city. Out here in the burbs, I tend to stick to Ray’s.

More important than where, to me, is what (I assume we’re talking an Italian hoagie?):
good crusty bread
olive oil only–no vinegar and god no to mayo
good Italian meats/cheeses: sharp provolone, peppery capicola, fatty genoa salami
lettuce, onions, tomatoes (sometimes); you can add peppers if you like.

A related question: Can anyone explain to me how, in an area that has decent-to-excellent hoagies every few blocks, Subway thrives here? I have coworkers who will drive by three decent to good hoagie spots to get Subway. And you say Amorosos’s is a scourge? Have you ever tasted (let alone smelled) Subway bread?

I’m a Slack’s fan or in the right mood I also enjoy The Fresh Works. Frankly since they are both nearby and do the job I can’t say I’ve explored much. Much love too for White House in AC.

Ugh Subway. My two fav hoagie joints bookend a Wawa which sadly laps them both in sales but even Wawa is better than Subway. How do Sbarro and Pizza Hut survive in NYC? Brand recognition and price.


There is room for more than one abomination in the hoagie world.

I’d like to say that Subway was living off the bad taste of out of towners, but plenty of Philly locals eat there too. It isn’t a hoagie in any real sense, but its a sandwich and priced right and not too big, and not terrible compared to the vile crap at Quizno’s.

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Yeah, Subway/Wawa are baffling. They are definitely much cheaper, I think you can get a hoagie for about $6. At the good shops, they are basically $10.

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