The History of Chinatown’s Eastern Bakery [San Francisco]

Nicely photographed, evocative Bold Italic piece by Brea Salim, who intertwines its history and universal appeal with recollections of her own growing up in Indonesia.

The History of Chinatown’s Oldest Bakery


Nice read, and glad to see Bold Italic is alive again.

How does Eastern’s coffee crunch cake compare to Yasukochi’s?

It says that Kuan opened up Golden Gate Bakery with his family in the 80s. I’m curious how/where Kuan learned his trade— I seem to recall hearing that their family emigrated from Peru.

It says Orlando Kuan took over Eastern Bakery in 1985, not Golden Gate. He and his brother Luis already owned Golden Gate Bakery (from at least 1982), though I don’t know if they founded it, or took it over. GG Bakery appear to date back to 1975 or 1976, based on its first appearance in Polk’s City Directory.

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