The Hill, Closter

Chef Floyd Cardoz (one of the most talented chefs I know) just posted about a wonderful dinner at this restaurant that I’d never heard of… I guess I’m officially no longer an NNJ resident (Closter is up in Bergen County)! Have any of you been? The chef certainly has some cred, based on his bio!

Sounds like a spot @paryzer and Mrs. P might like…just sayin’.

Yes, we really wanted to try this restaurant when it opened last year, but I have heard mixed reviews. Also, we usually only go to BYOs. Their cheapest red wine is $42.00. When they first opened I asked them if I could bring my own wine and pay a corkage fee. The manager was reluctant, but said he would charge a corkage fee of $40.00, which is ridiculous, so we just passed. There are plenty of other restaurants that would be happy to have our business.


Wow, 40 dollars is steep. You made the right call.

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