The high tech wine bar

We tried a wine bar, Barrel 9, in Lusby, MD with an enomatic wine dispenser – the kind that keeps bottles fresh after they’re open – notably expensive wines not normally sold by the glass. It allows servings as small as one ounce so that you can taste the wines and see how much you like them. They also serve mid-range wines by the glass, so that you can check your usual wine, or something close to it, right next to one that costs $50 more/bottle to see how much difference there is.

It’s a fun place with good small dishes as well as the wines (and a big whiskey section.) I’ve done a couple of reviews on my blog. I’ve sent up a flare in the DC area for places closer to our DC home, and only come up with a few places in the traffic-ridden far Virginia suburbs. I’d love to find one closer, and am interested in finding how common they are, and where they might be in other cities that I may visit.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

The M Hotel, Las Vegas, had a whole bunch of them, holding 200+ wines, in a lower floor wine bar. They also had spirits in several of them in a rooftop bar. This was several years ago and I have no idea if any of it is still available. Maybe someone here will know.

I’ve only tried the one at Oby Lee in Arlington, VA. They give you a card with a magnetic strip you load up with credit and use as you like.

I like the concept. The wines I tries were good to very good, nothing great. It’s a decent place if you want to try some Polish food.

Barrel 9 in Lusby has wines at $50 and up. It’s a big step up from my $10-15 wines. And I got a great Twomey for my birthday. and the srmall plates are quite good. It’s mainly a fun place.