The Hatch chile harvest is almost here. Are you ready for it?

The best place to get Hatch chiles? From the source. That would be the Hatch valley in New Mexico and this year’s official festival runs from Aug. 31 to Sept. 1. While you’re there, check out our guide to the Hatch chile burgers in the region.

My favorite store in town, which is no longer, used to get a bunch of Hatch chilies in and bring the roaster to set up outside for about 3 days. I used to buy 30 lbs of the hot ones every year. Before I froze them and while wearing gloves, I took a bench scraper and got the charred skin off and removed the seeds. Much easier to do it before, rather than working with cold, or partially thawed frozen ones. LOVE Hatch chilies


West Seattle Thriftway always sets up Chile roasters for a few weekends during the season.

Only 2 packages of 8 chiles each left in the freezer from last years gunne sack full so it must be time!!! (the neighbors have family in that area and visit them at harvest time- they bring me a gunne sack of them for watching their animals.)

Thanks - that’s good to know. Love Thriftway/QFC which have left Gig Harbor. Almost worth the toll to go to one elsewhere. I know the chile roasters only go to a select few, so great info!