The Guardian: "A foodie tour of Iran: it's poetry on a plate."


Those unfamiliar with Iranian food often assume that it is fiery or spicy, perhaps befitting the country’s climate or politics. But it is, in fact, gentle and soothing, a poetic balance of subtle spices such as dried limes, saffron and rosewater. Slow-cooked stews, known as khoresh, and elaborate rice dishes layered with herbs, vegetables, nuts and dried fruit are the bedrocks of Persian cuisine, creating a dazzling mosaic of scents, textures and colours at the dining table. Regional and seasonal delicacies are plentiful, making the most of Iran’s bountiful produce.

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I love Persian food so much. I am French didn’t know anything about it before I met my Iranian boyfriend, and now I wonder every day how I could waste so many years of my life not eating ghorme sabzi, kebabs, zereshk pollo or sohan… I don’t understand why it’s not more famous, I know that the political situation makes it complicated to export products, but it is such a delicate and refined cuisine, incredibly diverse that deserves so much more acknowledgement! But it seems that things are slowly changing, and I can find more and more videos or article about Persian cuisine, so let’s keep bringing attention on this delicious food!