The Grubbies [Financial District, SF]

I went to this takeout place in Financial District about a week ago. I think they had just opened for business that day. They were very disorganized and it took me 20 minutes to get my chirashi bowl.

However it was really good. Surprisingly good. Very fresh fish and better than I have had in any takeout place in San Francisco. The fatty tuna was very rich and cut into very thick slices.

It was expensive, I think $26 or $28. However the prices or menu weren’t actually displayed when I was there so they might still be tweaking prices.

Having said that, I will definitely go again. They are focused on chirashi and I’m not sure they sell anything else.

Here’s a background article on the place.

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If I’m not mistaken, the woman on the left also works at Koo, in the Richmond. I wonder whether they’re connected. I passed by this place last Thursday (coming from Roli roti) and did see a line.

I had the mini-bowl yesterday for $15 which was tuna, salmon, salmon roe, hamachi and escolar(?). I liked the layout and the nice takeout container. The fish was good but not great. It was a little pricey compared to your standard Chirashi especially considering it was a takeout stand. Will be interesting to see how it performs. I will probably give it one more shot to see if I get better quality fish next time.

Funny how one can get a bowl of fish at Grubbies for the same price as 2 pieces of fish at Akiko’s (on Bush st), possibly the most overpriced ala carte sushi place around (not all fish at Akiko’s are that expensive, but many are)