The Greek Spot, Manalapan

We did take-out from The Greek Spot’s new location earlier this week. We ordered the following: Avgalemono and Lentil Soups, Roasted Eggplant Dip, Oven Roated Beets with Goat Cheese, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Moussaka, and Galaktoboureko. When you order the Moussaka, you have a choice of soup or salad. Since we were ordering soups separately, we chose the side salad which turned out to be a chopped Greek salad.

All portions were huge! Therefore, we had more than enough for two meals (Monday and Tuesday) and finished some remaining mezzes when we came back from NYC late Wednesday evening. We definitely got our money’s worth!

Both soups were delicious. The roasted eggplant dip isn’t really a “dip” but rather coarsely mashed eggplant with finely chopped vegetables. I liked it (I like eggplant in pretty much any shape or form), but Mr. R. didn’t care for it. So, for the second meal, using tahini, lemon juice, and garlic, I turned it into babaganoush, which he does like. The huge slices of beets were tasty. They covered what was a copious salad with a generous amount of goat cheese sprinkled on top. This salad was similar to the salad that came with the moussaka though the cheese on the side salad may have been feta not goat, and there were greens in the beets salad but not in the other. I didn’t have any of the grape leaves, but Mr. R. was pleased with them. I was surprised to discover that the moussaka came with roasted lemon potatoes as it’s not noted on the website, and no mention was made of it when I ordered. In any case, the moussaka was a fine version, and since we both like lemon roasted potatoes, that was a nice surprise. I was happy with the Galaktoboureko which is my favorite Greek dessert. (Mr. R. didn’t try it.)

When we went inside to pick up and pay, I took a photo of the dining room so that those of you planning to eat there can see what it looks like.

The Greek Spot, in Manalapan, now goes into our regular take-out rotation.

Complete photo set on Flickr here: The Greek Spot (Take-out) | Flickr


@RGR, glad to hear you had a good experience. We’ve been twice since opening – one take out and one dine in. Very happy to have Greek Spot close to home.


Wow - it all looks delicious! I’m jealous. The part of Northern California where I live is pretty much a Greek food desert.

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@RGR - They need to put your babaganoush on their menu. I would order it over their dip any day of the week.

@bgut1 - Interesting to hear you says that. Frankly, I think most people would prefer babaganoush to The Greek Spot’s style of eggplant salad because the tahini mellows the strong, somewhat bitter eggplant flavor. In fact, Anemos, in Manalapan, and Eros Taverna, in NYC (near our apartment), prepare it mixed with tahini though they don’t call it babaganoush.

Edited to add: My mom always prepared eggplant “salad” very simply. Broiled it, scooped out the flesh, chopped it, added a bit of chopped onion, and dressed it with vegetable oil. So I was used to eating it pretty much straight.


Finally got to this place . Wow is this place noisy & I’m hard of hearing.
The place was packed with large tables of senior citizens.
Ok enough negative, the lamb chops were outstanding as well as the souvlaki platter . Huge portions.Also had the saganaki ( flaming cheese) it was a hit.
Service was prompt & friendly. Owner to apologize for how loud it was . He said he just got slammed & they were unrelated groups. I plan on going back often as I really enjoyed my rare meal out.


So we stopped by the Greek Spot today around 2:30 for lunch. Not crowded. Its nice inside and they have quite a few tables for outdoor dining. Its a substantial menu with lots of traditional Greek dishes snd a couple of innovations. I was tickled to see that each table had a bottle of EVOO imported by my friend at Hellenic Farms. The waiter brought a dish of olives & oil and a basket of toasted pitas for us to nibble while we read the menus. We ordered Melitzanno Salat for a starter which came with toasted pita. Very good & very traditional. My wife ordered the Gyro Platter with frenc fries as a side & i had the seafood Youvetsi. Both portions were huge as Roz noted above. Everything was very good and we brought quite a bit home with us. We chatted a bit with Eric, the owner, whos was very nice and sent over a Baclava. Now im not a fan of Baclava because usually its way to sweet for me but this was very good. All the food was delicious and the service very good. Dinner for two ran us about $65. We’ll definitely be back & kudos to Eric for keeping it traditional!