the great pastina shortage…

from salon…

i just heard about this yesterday. growing up, pastina in chicken broth (in our house with a beaten egg) was the italian-american version of jewish penicillin.

according to the statement from ronzoni, it’s their supplier that’s discontinuing the product and ronzoni hasn’t been able to find a new supplier, which concerns me since i’ve had trouble finding both barilla amd prince over the past couple of months.

i still have pastina and chicken broth with egg when i’m not feeling well, so i’m hoping all three brand aren’t (weren’t) depending on the same supplier.

It would seem there are plenty of places online to order different brands. Just Google “Pastina”, and then click on the Shopping tab.

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i checked amazon and no brands are available.

and take a look at this:

But Amazon is not your only option.


We still have other brands of pastina available in Canada if you can run for the Border, or order online from Canada.

That said, it’s easier to find the stelline and little letters right now.

Ronzoni has never been sold in Canada as far as I’m aware.

true, but i don’t do door dash or insta cart and if they can get it, why hasn’t it been stocked at any of the several stores i check here in the boston area or in northern new jersey when i was there for christmas?

People are probably hoarding it when they see it.

It happens quite frequently with some specific groceries where I shop (in Canada), over the past 3 years.

If only you followed my instructions…

And many more.

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How about Target, though? That’s on there.

When I was a kid, Ronzoni Pastina was also the go-to food when I had a cold. No beaten egg–just lots of salt and pepper. Mom would try to get the version with carrot and spinach pasta.

thanks so much for your ‘instructions. i did check out cooking with nonna: with shipping 2 packages of rhe stelline pasta comes to $15.80 — almost $8/package — just a bit more than i’m willing to pay for something i used to be able to get at the supermarket for $1.25. — no shipping costs. which is why i was hoping for amazon since i have prime.


Use couscous, the tiny, pour boiling water over it, wait 5 minutes and stir type. It’s not star shaped, but I am given to understand that pastina shapes vary from brand to brand.


Or acini de pepe, or orzo


I hear that shoppers are hoarding all sorts of small pasta shapes and thought fewer would think of couscous, which IME are not stocked onnthe dry pasta shelves.

I understand the long time supplier was going to discontinue making this shape . Is this the marketing strategy like taking away coca cola or Pepsi or whatever happened in that year . Sales sored. . , Smart.

Ronzoni also was taken over by a branch of Post in 2021, 8th Ave Foods.

I find product selection often changes when a bigger company takes over, to cut costs. Not sure if all the production is taking place in the Midwest, but Ronzoni isn’t exactly a Long Island pasta maker anymore.

I felt this way when Kellogg’s left my city after running a factory here for 99 years, and when Heinz stopped making ketchup in ON

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Boy, I wish I was stockpiling it when it was available.

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it’s a non-event.
‘little stars’ available from multiple other suppliers.
nothing but OMG click bait.


Is there any other type of clickbait?

I’d like to see “yawn clickbait” …

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