The Great British Baking Show . Love it or leave it ?

I love this show . I look forward to Monday eves . I will tell you I am the worst baker ever . But a great cook in my own mind . This show just grabs me with Paul the judgmental arse with credentials . Mary is a doll and her expertise is tops . And all the contestants are great . What do you think ? Yay or nay ?

Enjoy it while you can.

The Great British Bake-Off will no longer be appearing on the BBC but has moved to Channel 4 for the next series. Mel, Sue and Mary have decided not to follow it but Paul will continue in role. It’s not yet been revealed who the replacement “talent” will be, although it’s being strongly rumoured Prue Leith will take over Mary’s role. Assuming the producers want to continue with having a comedic pair as hosts, then Jo Brand, who fronts the Friday night “Bake Off Extra” programme, would be strong contender for one of them. That said, if they wanted to use an established comedy duo, like Mel & Sue, then my money would be on Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders.

I enjoy the programme but am not a fanatical watcher, unlike my partner who , when she has time, is a keen and competent baker.

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I love it and am terribly saddened that the cast is changing. It won’t be the same without Mary, Mel, and Sue.


Love it. Paul cracks me up. Judgemental? Well yeah, he’s judging the show!


it’s great. but I don’t think I’ll keep watching with the cast changes.

You can watch some of the seasons not shown in the U.S. via Youtube, as well as the humorous companion series, An Extra Slice.


New line-up joining Paul Hollywood - Prue Leith and comedians Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig.

By the by, I have almost met Sandi. By which I mean I was walking along the pier at Herne Bay (the town where she lives). Got to the end and she was, with a woman who I presumed to be her partner.

Playing along with Mrs Harters’ “celebrity spotting” game, Toksvig in that situation scores 3 (maximum 5)

I’ve loved Sandy Toksvig since seeing her on the original “Whose Line…?” in the late 80s. I guess my planned boycott of TGBBS without the old guard will have to wait at least a few episodes.

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It’s not the same, but amazingly, while different, has absolutely kept all its charm as far as I’m concerned. At first I thought Noel Fielding would be a disaster, but he fit right in and brought a lot of non-mean, clever humor to the show. I thought the same about Matt at first, but I think he’s just as good. I miss Mary, Sue, and Mel, but Prue and the boys, to me, are a seamless replacement.
There was a great moment when, during judging, the top layer of a cake fell off. Matt made a grab for it, managed to catch it two handed right-side up without any damage, and held it up with a triumphant grin to applause.


I was also wary about Noel.

I didn’t really know who he was. After staring at the new team’s photo one day, I suddenly remembered my son randomly showing me “Old Gregg” on YouTube years ago and finally recognized Noel. He is a joy to watch. When he isn’t flirting or teasing, he seems genuinely engaged and concerned with the contestants. Matt’s presence has also been an unexpected pleasure. Following in the boys’ footsteps, Prue and Paul appear more jovial and even a little goofy at times.

When a new season starts, I watch each episode twice: Once alone and then again with my husband, who now loves the show as well.

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