The Gallery Restaurant at the Asbury Ocean Club, Asbury Park

Local news is that they’re now allowing the public to make reservations for their “world class cuisine in a beautiful setting. …Entrees ranging from $25 to $38, small plates from $13 to $18 and desserts at $10. Interestingly, gratuity is included.” Those quotation marks aren’t mine–that’s what the article says.

Open 7 days a week from 6-10 pm, it’s a small space; only 30 seats (14 tables) set in the lounge area overlooking the pool deck. Reservations: 732-825-6000 or at


Neglected to add that the Executive Chef is Mike J. Dunston, most recently of The Rumson House.

I"ve heard all good things about this place and I want to try it soon. I won’t hold the Rumson House stint against them!!!

Just last night a friend told me he went… he had very mistakenly heard it ‘wasn’t that expensive’ and said that while it was nice enough, he thought the pricing was ridiculously high–for everything. Since I heard nothing about the food, I have to assume he won’t go back.

Interesting…I’ve never heard any complaints about the price point just that they are putting out some real good food. Thank you I will take that under advisement! !

I didn’t find it surprising because that entire building was built for luxury people and pricing is part of it, but I don’t want anyone to think there are bargains to be had there! (Albarino’s happy hour is where you’ll find those… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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While Albarino’s happy hour is great, it’s more a psychological happy hour vs. a real one. I say this because while their pricing is great, $3-$4 per app, the psychology comes into play when you actually get your app, 3 slices of egg plant - 3 garlic shrimp - 3 wings etc. they are so good I wind up ordering 2 or 3 more so I wind up spending $ 8.00 -$12 which is just the normal app price / serving!

While it’s great to offer $3 -$4 you should do the public a favor and just make them “good enough” for $3/$4 but once you make them too good, then I want MORE!!!

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I just took a look at the menu but alas, there are no prices. There are, however, an abundance of adjectives which is usually an indicator of higher than need be prices.

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LMAO! I misread the title and thought this thread was about The Galley. I was puzzled by the fact that it was expensive until I realized my mistake. Carry on!

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