The Gaff [Waltham, MA]

We had an excellent meal at The Gaff in Waltham, MA yesterday afternoon. The Moxie braised short rib tacos are back on the menu! They come with sriracha by default, but you can ask them to leave it off. I did so that I could add the El Yucateco green habanero sauce I know they keep behind the bar. We also had the spicy cheddar bacon fries and a couple bowls of their excellent oil popped popcorn. Rioja for me and Maine Lunch for him.


Those tacos look so good!!


YUM! Is that the popcorn that broke your tooth earlier this year?

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LOVE the Gaff. We go infrequently but when we do, service and food are awesome (somehow, we always get the same table, way at the back on the left side….guess that’s “our” table?!)


That is, in fact, The Popcorn That Broke My Tooth (well, a fresher batch of it, anyway)! :laughing:

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Stopped back into The Gaff again today for lunch after Free Comic Book day over at The Outer Limits. BF again had the fries with bacon beer cheese and short rib tacos. I got the 1/2 lb. Pub Burger ($13.50 with salad) and added Gorgonzola ($2) and bacon ($2). Absolutely worth it. Pairs well with the Rioja on offer (El Coto, $10).


Gorgeous burger!

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