The Fresh Market, Scarsdale

I like this store and like also that it is within walking distance of Trader Joes.
The FM brand tuna in olive oil is wonderful, they use a very good quality oil
and the extra large FM brown eggs have the most beautiful orange yolks
and are really delicious … I’m a freak for eggs and these are better than many
farm eggs I’ve had … nice produce … terrific pork chops … good corn bread
a nice selection of oils, vinegars, spices, canned fish … fair prices … worth stopping for the eggs alone
The cheddar below is very good as well, a nice amount of crystals, not as sharp or crumbly
as I like but the taste made up for that

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Where is the market?

723 White Plains Rd, Scarsdale, NY 10583
opposite side of the street from the Vernon hills shopping center
closer to Lord & Taylor and the Gap

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I like Fresh Market, too. Sometimes we take advantage of their Tuesday special: ground chuck for $2.99 a pound…chicken breasts $2.99.

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If you buy the Tuesday specials they should be prepared and consumed right away,
as opposed to freezing.
Whenever the pork chops are available as a Tuesday special I pick them up.
Regarding the price of the ground beef, I think you may have meant to type $2.99 a lb not .99

Yes, that was a typo. Thanks, chowdom.

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Really chowdom?

Wasn’t there a Fresh Market near H-Mart in Hartsdale? I googled it and see a Mrs. Green’s there.

I went into the store that replaced another store (can’t remember name) near H-Mart and found it wanting.

I never would have gone into a Mrs. Green’s, so did Fresh Market move from there to the space near Lord and Taylor?

Good grief. I can’t wait for Wegman’s, all these other wannabees are boring the beejezus out of me.

The store you are thinking about is named Best Market
Belated happy holiday Primos
As stated, I like and value The Fresh Market

Is that Best Market? Oy, just saw Chowdom’s response!

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Best Market, that’s it.

I’ll have to try Fresh Market if you like it, chowdom.

Key Food is another failure, in Harrison.

You will probably hate it :wink:
It’s not your “weekly grocery shopping”
type of store, it’s more specialty. But I like
it because it is small and they carry some
items I like, as per the post

Personally I haven’t liked it the few times I went. I thought they were a bit overpriced, and I guess I just didn’t like the vibe. I can be picky that way. But you can get some things there that are not readily available in this part of the country like Dukes Mayonnaise.

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Is it anything like DeCicco? That’s my latest go-to store for specialty overpriced stuff.

But you’re probably right, chowdom. I’m nothing if not transparent. :grin:

BTW, Morton Williams was where Best Market is now. I can’t remember which has the caverous unlit ceilings, Best Market or H-Market.

I guess it’s probably too much to hope that Wegman’s will be one-stop shopping.

Is Fresh Market in Scarsdale an independent or part of a chain? We are in Chicago right now and there is a chain of Fresh Market supermarkets here, but I thought it was only local…

It’s a chain in the South, Mid-West, and North-East.

I think it is Best Market that has those ceilings. I went once and bounced after a few minutes. I couldn’t find any quality items. The name is misleading.

I LOVE H-Mart. Crowded, a bit of a disaster, but excellent goods and frozen in general, and the produce, fish, and meats can be fantastic. Although the meats are Asian style cuts mostly. Which can be a nuisance at times. I can’t wait until the Yonkers one opens in 2-3 months on Central Ave, just five minutes from me. Oh, and their food court with Chinese, Korean, and Japanese restaurants, while not comfortable, makes some really good dishes. The ones that aren’t gringo-ized.

Although the new Wegman’s in Harrison will be a schlep for me, if, and or when it opens, I will have to go on occasion. I’ve been to a few upstate and they blew my mind!

Oddly, re Best Market, I don’t remember the ceiling freaking me out when I went to Morton Williams.

I don’t have the fortitude to drive from place to place that I used to have, so don’t get to H-Market that much.

Wegman’s will be close, geographically, I hope it doesn’t disappoint as ACME did. This time last year, I spoke to the regional manager at ACME and he promised all sorts of remodels and re-dos, and never came through. Sad.

Acme is pretty awful. But I am hearing great things about Wegmans. Can’t wait to try it.

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Wegman’s is wonderful. One of the few things I miss about living in Rochester. The Harrison location won’t be super convenient for us, but I am still looking forward to it!

Took a while to find … photos of Fresh Market
Also my go to place for greeting cards and more difficult to find fruits and vegetables with short growing seasons