The Fresh Market being sold

From MSN

They haven’t made much of a dent in the market since they came to Houston a couple of years ago. There isn’t one near me but I do go out of my way sometimes - I like some of their baked goods particularly.

I look forward to seeing what changes this brings.

The one here in NW Arkansas ushered in a huge improvement in variety and quality of food available (although to be fair a local store laid the groundwork, opening a “gourmet grocery” in a gas station that couldn’t compete when FM moved in). Our higher-end grocery chain had to spruce up a bit and expand its fresh offerings to compete, at least in neighborhoods with money to spend.

About all I make the trip out there for is their Tuesday $2.99/lb boneless skinless breasts, once in a long while. The meat counter folks swear they have no liquid added to them or anything, but either way they usually cook up very well.