The French Laundry Reservation October 28, 29 & 30

Hello, HO’s - Taking a long-shot here. Looking to purchase prepaid reservation for 2 at The French Laundry anytime October 28, 29 & 30. Please email me: if you have a reservation you will not be able to make during that time.

Amex Platinum Card (concierge) gives you in general (also TFL) a good/easy option to get reservations at normally hard to get places

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Thank you, honkman. I might try that route.

@honkman I tried your suggestion. I heard back from them today. They claim they’re not deviating from the Tock system and they cannot get me a reservation, but have added me to the waitlist. I’ve signed up for the waitlist everyday for the last two months.

You might try here:

Not helpful to your question in any way. But do you have to eat at TFL? There are a lot of good high end food around here.

@Midlife Thanks for the suggestion. If you look at that message board my name is all over it.

@sck I completely agree with you. I put TFL on my bucket list when I was 25. I’m 42 now and I need to cross it off the list.