The French Laundry Hacks? ISO res for 2 Aug 4, 5 or 6

Hello my foodies!

So happy to be in on the new incarnation of my beloved Chowhound (RIP)

ISO a res for 2 at The French Laundry Aug 4, 5 or 6

We will join a table and know others who would join a larger table

Secondly, does anyone have any tips/techniques/hacks/incantations to help get a res?

I did find a few aides (a resell reddit, a bulletin board on a blog) but TFL claims they dont use any credit card or hotel concierge services anymore??

Wud luv to celebrate my 30th anniversary there!

Thank you all and look forward to future foodie-ing w you


I haven’t booked a reservations since they switched to Tock. I would join the wait list and maybe give them a call.

Usually the earlier reservations are available. Summer months when tourism in Napa is high definitely makes it harder to get a reservation.

Atelier Crenn (where I went to my 30th birthday) has reservations available. Single Thread would be another restaurant I would recommend for your birthday.

Bummer. I used to stay a night at the Yountville Inn and they could always manage to get me a table.

i had a friend’s startup who said they would do something nice for a key employee and a french laundry rez seemed a good ask.

they never got one. so, no hacks to share.

Nice avatar. :slight_smile:

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Concierge at Amex Black.

Your reservation will not show up on Tock (FL’s reservation system), but the reservation is made directly with the restaurant, and any changes or requests should be handled via your Amex Black concierge, who will then relay the message to the FL concierge.

It’s like a tête-à-tête between concierges.

Takes one to know one :wink:

@MaxEntropy My jet-lagged self was catching up on HO at some weird hour yesterday, saw @Lectroid’s avatar, and I was scratching my head - “did Max change his profile?” Now that you and your doppelgänger have found yourselves, it all makes sense.

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Some may not recognize “Max Headroom”, the rather ditzy “artificial intelligence TV presenter” from the TV series of that name in 1987 and 1988. A treatment for “Max Entropy” almost writes itself!

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Supposedly, they’re considering a continuation/reboot for dear ol’ Max, WITH, of course, Matt Frewer supplying the personality and, in theory, still playing Edison Carter. Now, of course, they can actually just mocap Frewer and actually apply the performance to an actually virtual Max. No need for the latex prosthetics anymore. Actually.

relevant deadline story:

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I’ve heard a French Laundry hack is to call during a storm, maybe with a mudslide, in the winter. There might be cancellations. You have to live in the area.