The French Fry Toppings of the World


When I went to college in Philly, cheese fries did indeed have that nasty orange liquid, but I chalked that up to cheap institutional food. Usually around here they also give you the option of mozzarella, which is how I first encountered this gut bomb (although they were a hit in those hazy 80s).

I recently went to a restaurant in Philly. They claim to have the best burgers. They don’t unless you like your burger cooked beyond well. But the duck confit fries were worth the price of admission: hand-cut fries served with duck confit, smoked gouda cheese sauce and scallions.:heart_eyes:

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If I could have it as a side for dipping, now that would appeal. I like fries super crispy.

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Did I read too fast, or is there really no mention of the peanut butter put on fries in the Netherlands or mayonnaise in Belgium and much of France? Calling patatas bravas a form a fries is really a form of ignorance, but if one is going to do that, then why not include the vinegar put on “chips” in the UK or the lemon put on chips in Greece? In Italy, stringy potato fries show up most often on top of pizza, so maybe that doesn’t count.

I had no idea … peanut butter is such a USA thing, I never would have guessed that they did that or that it was so ubiquitous that you’d mention it. Now I’ll have to try it.

Looks like it is a mayo PB combo

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It might be a legacy of the Dutch empire and its control of Indonesia, where peanut sauces are very popular. I didn’t try it when I was in the Netherlands, so I don’t know if those peanut sauces for fries commonly include mayonnaise.


The best combo is oorlog (=war) saus: mayo, peanut sauce, raw onions. Decidedly not first date material, but great drunk food.


You didn’t read too fast, HT, but the article seems to focus on more exotic toppings than mayonnaise, lemon or vinegar. Those are pretty well known, no?

I’ve previously mentioned what I regard as the “super oorlog” that I had once (although can’t recall whether it was in the Netherlands or Belgium). The chips decorated with three lines - mayo and peanut satay sauce, as usual, but also ketchup. The onions as well, of course.

I may report back in due course - I’ll be in Belgium fairly soon and know where it will have been if it had been that chip place.

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I really don’t know what people in America eat with their french fries now. My recollection in America is that you need to ask for mayo or vinegar every time, or else you were automatically served ketchup, no questions asked. But things may have changed…

That hasn’t really changed - we eat ketchup with our fries (as a general rule, of course individual taste will vary).

What has changed is that in “french-fry restaurants” (bars, taverns, burger joints, and the like) there are often fry-variations on the menu that you can order - including various toppings (as in the article) and fry types - sweet potato fries, tater-tots, wedges, etc.

Crisp potato. Salt. Done. :wink:

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We have a new favorite FF place. Super thin and crispy fries. Served (on the side) with chipotle ketchup and ranch dressing. Elsewhere we get mayo.

We always add black pepper.

All the Greek restaurants near me sell “greek fries” topped with lemon juice and feta cheese; they’re terrific.

In my experience it’s more of a satay sauce. Made with peanuts, yes, but spicy/sweet/savory, thin and pourable. I wouldn’t call it peanut butter by a long shot.[quote=“HolyTerroir, post:10, topic:4848”]
My recollection in America is that you need to ask for mayo

Most people will likely give you some odd looks if you’re just eating mayo on fries, as American mayo isn’t like the garlicky condiment you find in the Netherlands, but an eggy, fatty spread meant for sandwiches. It’d be more common for people to ask for ranch or blue cheese dressing for fries, I’d say.

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My previous comments aside, I’ve been known to ask for a side of mayo for fries from time to time. No odd looks reported :smile:

I liked the frites in Germany served out of the food wagon . That’s all they make . Served in the paper cone with that little plastic fork . I always got the curry ketchup with mayo for the topping .

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Nor I.

Garlicky condiment? Huh. The mayo I’ve had in Holland has no garlic in it.

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No taste of garlic in the mayo I’ve had in Dutch speaking Belgium.

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