The Food That Built America

We’re been recording and watching the newest season on the History Channel. I love this show. It’s hokey, informative, and interesting. The dramatizations are ridiculous, but I’m learning a lot. Give it a whirl…

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True – fun and informative. Major improvement over Season 1, which seemed a lot dryer.

We were laughing last night while we were watching the Sunshine/Nabisco episode. All these food industry titans seem to drink a lot of whiskey!

Also, when I used to teach Media Literacy to middle school students, I showed them an excellent 1999 History Channel doc called Sell and Spin: A History of Advertising. It’s a little dated and obviously doesn’t cover most recent advertising, but it gave the kids a good overview of what came before. It’s on YouTube and worth a watch if you’re interested in that kind of thing. It’s narrated by Dick Cavett, yet another person the students hadn’t heard of!