The Food Expiration Dates You Should Actually Follow

The Food Expiration Dates You Should Actually Follow
The first thing you should know? The dates, as we know them, have nothing to do with safety. J. Kenji López-Alt explains.
NY Times April 13, 2020

With most of us quarantined in our homes, chances are you’ve been reacquainting yourself with the forgotten spices and fusty beans from the depths of your pantry. But how fusty is too fusty? When is the right time to throw something out? And what about fresh ingredients? If I’m trying to keep supermarket trips to a minimum, how long can my eggs, dairy and produce keep?

Food Expiration Dates


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This was a good article. Funny thing is, they forgot to mention yogurt, and many people asked about it in the comments. The general consensus was that unless it has mold, you can eat it, even a few months after the sell by date. I know I have, and I’m still here!

One person wrote about their daughter who refused to eat anything even a day after the expiration date! Yikes!

Yesterday I opened a peach Yoplait with an April 2019 best by date. It looked, and WAS, fine.

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Wow, I’ve never eaten one that old, although I have eaten them 6+ months out.

New question for the thread. How about oat milk and other non-dairy milks? Just found one in the fridge from October. OK to drink? Have not opened it yet since I don’t need it at the moment.

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I think the problem can be texture change (more liquid than before or liquid / solid split).