The Fireplace, Paramus

Well, I don’t live in NJ, but I used to, and I did go to FDU in Teaneck, and I loved this place. So sad.


I hadn’t been there since the mid 80s, as by then it just wasn’t what it had been in the mid 70s when my father started taking me there. But I’m sad that I won’t have the opportunity to pay a visit some day for nostalgia’s sake.

so many fond memories from the fireplace. i, too, haven’t lived in nj for decades. but i grew up in ridgewood and return to the area now and then. always meant to stop by, but didn’t.

oh well, another one to add to the would have, could have, should have list.

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There was a very similar place in Wayne at “the corner” of RT 23 and RT 46 (and later I80) called Anthony Wayne’s. Anyone remember that place? Before it closed it was my absolute favorite lunch.

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If I remember correctly, I was there at The Fireplace once or twice in the mid 70s when I was living in Allendale or Paramus a few years before I left the state.

Happening all over the country. :disappointed_relieved:

Just saw this today on Instagram-- I follow a retro dining page or two and this was featured because of its impending closure. I’ve never been there, but based on the pictures, I probably would have loved it.

I went in the 70’s. It really was a great burger!

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Absolutely remember it, but I never went. I have a friend who grew up in Passaic and she said her parents took them there a lot, though.

Went to Ridgewood High School and never ate there but sad to see an establishment like this close down.

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