The Farm Boy Thread [Ontario] [Ottawa] [Toronto] [London, Ontario]

I’ve become a big Farm Boy fan girl over the past 2 years. No lines at the 2 locations where I shop most, in London. Nice cashiers who I’ve gotten to know a little. I’ll mostly upload photos. I’ve tried many of their house label products.

Their plants are great, too. Check out my Shamrock! I replanted a mini yellow rose I bought at FarmBoy last year, and replant my Living Basil plants outside after Victoria Day.

My more interesting purchases yesterday

The St Donat maple pecan pie isn’t always available. It costs $11.99. I like it a lot. I’ve been happy with the FarmBoy pies, both regular and the deeper dish homestyle pies, too. The wild blueberry is much better than most commercial blueberry pies. I have tried most of the fruit pies. Have not tried the raisin pie (have never tried raisin pie)

I’m not sure if the prices are the same across Ontario when there are specials. Pineapple was $2.99 each at the Masonville FarmBoy in London.

For those of you who bargain shop, the produce quick sale at FarmBoy, at least in London, has lots of ripe fruit and vegetables discounted.

I buy Brôme lake duck legs and local ON lamb at FB.

Out of house label products, I like:

Double-smoked bacon
The kettle cooked peanuts
The frozen veggie fries
The frozen dim sum box
The refrigerated soups. These are a staple for us.
The frozen lasagna is pretty good.
The refrigerated deep dish chicken pot pie.
The dark chocolate and caramel chocolate bar (haven’t seen it recently)
The lemon round wafer cookies

The house label item that has disappointed me is the mayonnaise. I prefer Hellman’s, Kraft and PC to FB Mayo.


We really like their salsa verde. I put that s*** on EVERYTHING.


What’s the pricing like on the duck legs? Costco sells whole Brôme lake ducks for about $15 - $18.

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The uncooked duck legs are usually $4 to $5 each.

The uncooked breasts might be. $7 each, by weight.

They also have cooked duck confit legs.

Sometimes the uncooked duck legs are on sale, and in that case, I’ll buy 4 and freeze them.

I’ve only seen whole Brome Lake ducks at FarmBoy at Xmas, and the last one I bought was around $20.

I usually cook duck legs these days because everyone I cook for prefers duck legs to duck breast.

I gave up my Costco membership several years ago, so I’m not familiar with their current products or prices.

I’m happy with the Farm Boy Babaghanoush.

The Skotidakis Tzatziki sold at Farm Boy, kept near the sour cream rather than the dips, is pretty good.

I like the FarmBoy dried mango, which isn’t sweetened like the dried mango I used to sometimes buy at Costco.

The refrigerated ready-to-cook beef spiedini were decent. The ready-to-cook bulgogee was tasty, maybe a little too salty.

I’ve been happy with the Atlantic salmon, the cod and the haddock I’ve been buying at the fish counter.

I bought a ribeye at the butcher counter a couple weeks ago, and it was a good steak.

My last bunch of cilantro was massive, about 4 times larger than a typical bunch at other stores, and $1.25, but that might have been a lucky day at my local Farm Boy. The parsley, dill and cilantro are in better shape at my local Farm Boy than they typically are at Metro.

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I’m also a Farm Boy fan. I really like their smoked bacon and peameal bacon. I buy mostly fruits and vegetables there since they are a bit fresher and more reasonably priced than the two other chains in my neighbourhood (downtown Ottawa). And their herbs are very fresh and quite a bit cheaper than the other stores in my neighbourhood. The only take out item I’ve bought so far is sushi and it is really good. Their other take out items are on my bucket list.


They’re a Sobeys subsidiary, and as such, can be fairly pricey, I find. Having said that, the quality of the produce is high - they tend to carry Ontario produce, but there are still many Mexican and U’S. goods on the shelves, even in our growing season.

In your list, their double smoked bacon is a standout.

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The produce prices at FarmBoy in London are usually much cheaper than the produce prices at Sobeys.

I’m always surprised , by the variation in price’s at Sobeys vs Farm Boy, as well as Loblaws compared to Superstore, No Frills, Valumart, etc.

The produce at the LondonONT No Frills, Loblaws, Metro and Food Basics is horrible compared to the produce at Farm Boy, a newish Sobeys, Remark and 2 green grocers at the Covent Garden Market. I buy most of my vegetables in London at Farm Boy, Remark or the Covent Garden Market (Doris Family Produce).

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The FarmBoy charity coupon book is back. It costs $10. I bought one about 18 months ago, and used it to try out products I hadn’t tried before, as well as some staples.

The last coupon book they offered was what led me to trying their assorted frozen dim sum box, frozen lasagna, refrigerated chicken pot pie, ready to cook bulgogi…

I’m glad they included a recipe for the Togarashi, because I bought it a year ago, and haven’t used it.

There are at least 80 coupons in the book, discounts from $0.50 to $1 on the various products.


The Farm Boy on Metcalfe in Ottawa is also a bit cheaper than the chains especially downtown because the only other chains in the neighbourhood are Loblaws and Your Independent Grocer which is owned by Loblaws. Their produce is also much fresher and I would rather support Ontario farmers when possible than US or Mexico.

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Thanks for the info on the coupon books @Phoenikia. I’ve seen them in the past but never bothered buying one. I should look into getting one this year.

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The 2 locations in North and West London have an excellent quick sale produce section, for anyone looking for bargains. It probably gets picked over quickly in Toronto. Sometimes I’ve found 3 pretty good eggplants for $4, okra in good condition, artichokes, packs of assorted peppers, etc. The quick sale produce often looks better than the regular priced produce at the closest Loblaws and No Frills. Hence my loyalty to FarmBoy. Lol.

There’s also a section of the bakery where day-olds are reduced by 30% for quick sale.

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I go to Farm Boy quite often after work, especially when I am looking for a quick hot meal. I cannot leave without a box of their pistachio baklava from the bakery section. Otherwise, it’s produce and sometimes meat. My colleagues swears by their flatbread pizza, but the flavours didn’t appeal to me the day I looked, so I haven’t tried them. I also like that they always carry Kawartha cherry Bordeaux ice cream and Abokichi chili miso. 2 staples around here.


We have a lot of staples, too.
The refrigerated soups- this week the tomato bisque and loaded baked potato.
The hummus- I’ve tried most varieties now.
The Tapas trio of charcuterie with Serrano ham and chorizo.
The chorizo bites (I’ve stopped buying them because I eat the whole package in 24 h)

The heart- healthy ham cut to order at the deli.

The fruit jelly candies.

Last week, I tried a spicy Hungarian sausage at the deli next to the pepperoni that another customer recommended.


Their flatbreads and frozen pizzas are also good. And I love their cheese selection!!


So there’s a Farmboy in Peterborough too but it doesn’t sound anything like the ones you’re talking about. Is it connected?

The one on Landsdowne? No, it’s not part of the chain.

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It’s a weirdo little grocery store but not at all higher end. I didn’t think it could be part of the chain. But funny enough, the name and logo is almost identical.


I was under the impression the FarmBoys were all connected, part of the same brand. I don’t know how the ownership is set up, if they’re corporate stores or franchises.

Could vary a lot depending on location.
London’s West Side and North Side are supersaturated with grocery stores due to the construction boom, and the Farm Boys aren’t getting the same crowds as Loblaws, No Frills and Superstore, which makes the Farm Boys nice places to shop.

When I first visited, 7 or 8 years ago, I found the prepared food kind of boring relative to another indie market I frequent, but since the Pandemic I’ve become a big fan.

I understand the new FarmBoys in Toronto are often busy and crowded.

These sour jelly beans are addictive.