The eggplant salad at Chai Thai (Oakland)

We’ve been eating at Chai Thai semi-regularly for quite a while. Only recently did we try the “eggplant salad” dish, and it’s our new favorite. Big chunks of soft eggplant, ground pork, some shrimp, various veggies (celery, pepper) and a sweet/mildly spicy/mildly sour sauce. It comes somewhat warm but is good cold too.

Wondering if others have tried it!

Also wondering if there’s other favorites from the menu that we haven’t tried.


Chai Thai Noodle was a regular haunt for us. That Eggplant Salad is indeed delicious, the heat level can fluctuate pretty wildly depending on who is cooking and the newest batch of Bird Peppers/Prik Noo. They always have Prik nam Pla available if you ask to perk things up.
Our favorite Dishes on the Menu:
Sai Aou / Loa Sausage with Peanuts, Ginger and Cabbage for wrapping.
Kao Nam Tod / Rice Ball Salad with lots of Herbs and Lettuce to wrap.
Kamoo is very good if in the mood for something stewy
Kao Soy Thai is very good one of the best I have had in the Bay Area.
Pad Kee Mao/Drunk noodles I usually like it from here occasionally it falls a bit short (too sweet, bland or oily).
Gra Prao with minced Chicken is very good although it is made with Thai Basil rather than the transcendent Flavor of Holy Basil but this is what almost all the Restaurants use outside of Southeast Asia.
Prig King with a special red Curry Paste is always good.
Pad Ped Moo Pah is very good as well if you like the flavor of Lesser Galangal/Krachai and Green Peppercorn.

Thanks for the reply! Yeah, recently the heat level on the eggplant salad is close to zero.

We often get the Thai Kao Soy there too, and it’s usually very strong on the turmeric-front, but good. Recently tried the beef noodle soup which I also like – basically their version of boat noodles.

We often order from Vientiane whose Nam Kao (rice salad) is my favorite version out of any I’ve ever tried, so I don’t get this at Chai Thai as much.

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