The Eddy (East Village)

I had dinner with two friends at The Eddy last week, and between us we
split about 75% of the menu, which is a little different from the one on
the restaurant’s website. The place was hopping, full of attractive
young couples and groups. I thought the best dishes were the crostini
with uni and burrata, raw fluke with pine nuts and what I think were
shards of blood orange zest, and a savory custard with artichoke, cheese
and pickled probably turnip. I wasn’t as enamored of the tuna, which
was kind of dull, or the oysters, which were beaten into submission by
the granola they were trapped under. My dining companions were crazy
about the charred carrot, but I have no idea why. It was a charred
carrot. Overall, though, I was impressed with the food. The cocktail
list didn’t appeal to me at all - way too much going on in those drinks -
so I had a martini and a couple glasses of wine, neither worth
remarking upon.