The Durham in (duh) Durham

Greg Cox is giving Andrea Reusing’s newest venture a 5 star review in tomorrow’s paper. I have no doubt that the restaurant is quite good, but given that he generally gives everything 3 1/2 stars regardless, I’m wondering if this is part of the local “lemming effect.” You know what I mean - once the media anoints a local celebrity chef, everything that s/he touches is met with unrestrained awe and adulation and s/he can do no wrong ever.

I truly hope that The Durham is that good. Has anyone been and can you give your opinion and experiences, please?


LulusDad had a colleague stay at The Durham, and he met him for breakfast. Not the same as dinner or lunch, obviously, but he was taken aback by both how small the menu was, and how little food was given when ordered. He was unimpressed enough to not want to go for dinner.

As you know, I’m just ok with the Lantern, and don’t understand the accolades it gets. I have had good meals there, I have had great meals there, I have had meals there that I have sent back to the kitchen (something I almost never do).

I’m wondering what it would take for GC to write a review that wasn’t a rave.

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