The Duck Flat , Taipei [Taiwan]

This was my first meal in Taiwan and close to where I was staying. It’s very close to Ximen MRT, despite the literal English translation of the name it’s all about the Goose.

I opted for the plate of smoked goose and the goose noodle. I didn’t detect any real smokiness on the goose but it was full of flavour and succulent. The noodle soup had a nice sheen to it and a nice subtle flavour, thin rice noodles which aren’t my favourite but the added greens freshened things up nicely. Not a bad start to my trip at all.

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Finally have decent wifi so can upload some photos.



Goose noodle soup.

Very nice! I also enjoyed the young shredded ginger. Never had it so young and tender til Taipei. Liked it so much I bought a few packages from supermarket on the same morning I left.

Mine are below. Restaurant (in Hsinchu, one of the Hakka’s strongholds not far from Taipei) specialises in all things goose. We ate there several times.

The goose broth is deliciously rich.

Close-up of one of the goose noodle soups.